About me

About me

After starting his professional career as a high school theater and speech teacher, SD Reid refined his calling in education while teaching adults.  After growing wearing of the bureaucracy of the public school system in Texas, he made the only logical and packed his things and moved to Eastern Europe.  There he taught English as a foreign language for a little more than three years.   Upon returning to the states, he continued his work in adult education, teaching GED prep and college transitions for GED grads and non-traditional students.

Currently, SD spends his days working with students from more than forty countries from all over the world.  As program manager for a Community Based Literacy Organization, he trains and supports tutors and matches them with students who are working to gain or improve literacy in the English language.

His love of reading and writing started at a young age, learning to read when he was four, and progressing on to chapter books by kindergarten.  Through most of his young adult life, he wanted to write, but never had the courage (or dedication) to do anything with it.  It wasn’t until much later in life that he actually sat down and put his writing plans into action.

In his free time, he enjoys cooking, going to the theater, and arguing with people on Facebook.  He lives alone with his cat (who almost starved to death when the automatic feeder ran out of cat food some time while thoughtless SD was at work today).

And finally, he really hates writing about himself in third person.

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